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Life Is Your Story

Within every family there is a Griot, a family historian who knows the family lore. They hold all the stories that bind the family together and create its unique set of values and beliefs. Within every person there is a storyteller with his or her own unique life tales and lore. We are all composed of stories; it is what binds us in our humanity.

 The Folktale Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on storytelling instruction and inspiration through creative writing craft techniques and tools. Dedicated to informing and inspiring the writer within all of us, The Folktale Podcast focuses on empowering its audience to become aware of their life stories, record them, and share them. Whether journaling, blogging, oral storytelling, fiction writing, poetry, or essay writing, there lies a library of stories within everyone—The Folktale Podcast aims to help get them out.

Each episode inspires the writer within through an ongoing series of content:  The Art of Storytelling, Listen & Tell, On the Bookshelf, Write Life, and The Folktale Society (book club). Further feeding of the writing life can also be found on our blog.

To be human is to live and tell stories.